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SEO for beginners

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Search Engine Optimisation Leamington Spa

Last month more Google Penguin updates were announced by Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team at Google. He's basically in charge of setting new rules for SEO. His job is to ensure that Google results pages are full of valid, relevant search results rather than poor quality spam.

So what is Penguin?

It's a code name for an algorithm update. Google use algorithms to downgrade websites that use undesirable (or 'black hat') SEO techniques.

Black hat techniques??

Yep, Google disapprove of these. They're 'sneaky' ways in which some webmasters attempt to improve rankings in search results. Things like:

  • keyword stuffing - filling a website with keywords or numbers
  • link schemes - creating or swapping irrelevant or poor quality links to and from other websites
  • cloaking - adding content 'behind the scenes' so Google find it, but users can't view it
  • creation of duplicate content - adding two or more pieces of content which are identical, the only difference being the URL.

How does it affect me?

Now's the time to act if your webmaster uses any of these techniques. The Penguin update will penalise you by downgrading your site in search results pages, allowing your competitors to jump ahead and gain an advantage.


At Public our SEO work is natural, organic and tailored around long-term results. We avoid the 'black hat' tactics that might jeopardise your rankings. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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