Alternative Business School

The Alternative Business School (ABS) is a project devised and run by our client Purple Monster.

It aims to create a community and build a network of resources and learning experiences to help people work in an environment where they can be inspired, productive and happy.

The requirement was for a WordPress website to act as both a knowledge base, and a tool for booking upcoming events.

Being a quirky kind of organisation, we thought that ABS deserved an animation for their new home page. So we created a waving flag, rotating cogs, a pumping fist and blinking sheep! (It will make sense when you view the website...).

The site provides details on a range of learning and networking experiences, both virtual and face-to-face. Events are listed on an integrated calendar, and can be purchased online via an eCommerce system.

(We also created a website for the Alternative Business School's "Fresh As Fair" in October 2018 - have a look!)