Wiley Professional Academy

Wiley is an international publisher of scientific, technical, medical and scholarly content.

Wiley asked us to develop an e-learning portal to allow healthcare professionals to access online courses and webinars.

Our brief was to develop a WordPress website with CMS (Content Management System), enabling Wiley staff to easily manage the content themselves after launch. The website links to a third party educational portal for registered users.

Using Wiley's corporate guidelines as a basis for the design, we created a clean and contemporary website with simple, intuitive navigation. Public designed and built the website, ensuring it was optimised for mobile with a strong focus on tablet and smartphone presentation.

The website was built according to good SEO practises, and includes an easy-to-use facility for Wiley staff to enter keywords and meta data as more content is added, thus improving the site's rankings on Google.

The website is now used successfully as an e-learning portal for medical professionals globally.